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MOO 2 YOO is situated in the heart of All Cannings in the beautiful Pewsey Vale and is owned by Husband and Wife team Mat & Chrissie Crossman.

We manage a mixed herd of Friesian and Holstein cows at Manor Farm, who spend up to 8 months of the year out at grass. Our milk is gently pasteurised on the farm and is totally unprocessed in any other way. Delightfully fresh straight from MOO 2 YOO!

Our self-service milk vending machines allow customers to buy fresh, local un-homogenised whole milk 7 days a week with easy access and on-site parking.

For just £2.50 you can grab yourself one of our re-useable and dishwasher safe 1 litre glass bottles which can be brought back as many times as you like for a refill.

Our vending machines accept contactless and coin only payments. If paying with cash, please bring the correct change along with you as there is no change available on site.

You will also find a delicious selection of our quality British Milkshake syrups available on the Mooshakes Bar!

Our incredibly popular syrups truly complement our fresh local milk and cost just 50p per shot. Milkshake syrup payments are cash only and are payable via the Honesty Box at each site so for a great tasting, value for money treat please bring the correct change with you.

Fact 1

We milk our cows twice a day and on average each cow produces 8000 litres of milk per year! Every litre of milk is continually produced to British Farm Assured high standards to assure the welfare of our cows as well as the safety of the milk.

Fact 2

Our cows have 150 acres of lush Wiltshire grass to munch on for most of the year but, when winter closes in and the grass stops growing, they are provided with shelter in a big shed with a deep straw bed to keep them warm and dry. We feed them a hearty diet of grass silage, maize and dairy cake to keep them happy and healthy.


Fact 3

Milk is the only drink in the world that is packed with such a large range of naturally occurring proteins and nutrients! These include calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorous and vitamins B2, B5 and B12. All of which benefit us at every stage of our lives. That’s what makes MILK so unique!

Fact 4

Did you know? For the human body to get the same amount of calcium as that consumed from a glass of milk, we would need to eat 11 servings of spinach, 4 servings of broccoli and 63 Brussel sprouts! We know which we prefer!

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